Stacy Keibler

3 12 2007

Ok Ok I know what you thinking, Man Stacy aint PHAT! true but she is still one fine azz woman and because of that she gets love up in here! Remember what I told you before, You don’t always have to have a big azz or big breast, if you fine as hell then you’re PHAT in my book. So Stacy you get a pass & for the rest of you take a look at why I picked her.



 (My Favorite pic!)


 (Or is this my favorite?!)



stacy_keiblermagcover.jpg stacy-keibler-10.jpg stacy-keibler-12.jpg




One response

1 10 2010

Hi beauty, how are you? Me too I want to know you and I like your profile. I would like to meet sometime. I am looking for a woman like you to spend time with. If your interested message me back when you are on this site time and day or and maybe we can exhange IM’s or phone numbers. I really hope to hear from you soon. Do you travel ?

I am a business man who wants to play with you if you are ready for some fun. I am from canada and I travel accross the world…
My email address is I want a young woman like you.

Have a good day beauty. MArio XX

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